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Acts Of Kindness: 101 Ways To Make The World A Better Place

Acts of Kindness, small or large, help everyone make their world a kinder place. Through the simplest act of kindness, all of our lives are improved. Genuine caring is best expressed through encouraging and helping others. Kindness fills the emotional “fuel tank” of others as well as ourselves. This book gives simple suggestions for connecting with others, which is the powerful undercurrent of kindness.  PRE-ORDER FOR YOURSELF AND FOR GIFTS TODAY

This book is available at $6.00 each (less than half of Amazon price) for an order of 24 or more. For bulk orders, email quantity and shipping address to [email protected]. Proceeds are donated to the Successful Survivors Foundation.


Rhonda Sciortino is a motivational speaker, author and success coach. Against all odds, she overcame abuse, homelessness, and poverty to become a financially successful entrepreneur, business woman and advocate for abused children. Rhonda’s inspirational book Succeed Because of What You’ve Been Through gives practical advice on how to become successful and happy not despite difficulties, but specifically because of them. In all of Rhonda’s writing, speaking, and coaching, she shares her stories to help others to: Create personal and professional success, including:

  • A healthy body and mind
  • Good relationships
  • Peace
  • Joy
  • Financial stability

If you or someone you care for has ever felt the effects of:

  • Abandonment
  • Abuse
  • Poverty
  • Homelessness
  • Trafficking
  • Depression
  • Despair

Rhonda can help by providing the transformational tools to Succeed Because Of What You’ve Been Through.

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