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I built that

  By Rhonda Sciortino, Author, Succeed Because of What You’ve Been Through I was 27 years old when I started my company. I had gone through a divorce and had just had surgery to remove cancer. I had no money, … Continue reading

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Teach people to think

  When we add the word “because” to the end of our sentences followed by our reasoning, we give an explanation for our thoughts, requests, and actions.  This helps people understand how we think and opens the door to their … Continue reading

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Overcome Through Self-Reliance

  People frequently ask me, “What do you mean by Succeed Because of What You’ve Been Through?” Everyone seems to think that those of us who overcome adversity do so “despite the odds” against us. I believe we overcome specifically … Continue reading

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“I’ve never told anyone this…”

  by Rhonda Sciortino So many conversations over the years have started with this statement, followed closely by either “I was abused when I was a kid” or “I was adopted” or both. Once I came out of the closet … Continue reading

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Choosing Abuse over Christianity

  Until the government got involved, almost all child welfare work was done by the church. But when the government stepped in to officially take over the care of orphans, God was slowly and surely escorted out the door. I … Continue reading

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