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There Is One Thing Worse Than Child Abuse….

When I was abandoned by my biological mother at six months of age, I became a “ward of the court,” a common term used in the 1960’s. For most of the first 16 years of my life, my mentally ill … Continue reading

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Another Day

Every day is another opportunity to succeed in life. It’s another opportunity to help someone. Every day represents another opportunity to move forward toward finding and fulfilling the good plan for our life. We may make a huge leap or … Continue reading

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Need More Money?

Do you want or need to earn more money? Would you like to be appreciated on the job? Can you imagine looking forward to going to work every day? Everyone wants to feel appreciated.  Everyone wants to feel that his/her … Continue reading

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Emphasize the Positive

Each of us has strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, many of us are held back by our perceived weaknesses. We naturally tend to discount our strengths while at the same time magnifying our weaknesses. To succeed in life we need to … Continue reading

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