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How to Decide

When you’re a child trying to decide between ice cream flavors, there’s no real consequence one way or the other. But the older you get, the more important the choices become, the more serious the decisions are, and the more … Continue reading

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Human Trafficking and Foster Care . . . connecting the dots

Some of the most vulnerable people in our society are easily lured and willingly recruited into human trafficking. It’s probably been going on for years. It’s time to sound the alarm. It’s time that foster care providers learn what to … Continue reading

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Mining the Lessons

Many people fail to find and fulfill their life’s purpose because of overwhelming obstacles. Those perceived obstacles may actually be the potential stepping stones to their success. When I was a little girl, my mother took me to our neighbor … Continue reading

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Eliminating Distractions

What’s distracting you from your purpose? From your goals? Is it worth it? If so, could the distraction be part of your purpose? Is it teaching you? Refining you? If not, focus on your purpose and avoid the distraction. Eliminating … Continue reading

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