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Manage Expectations in Relationships

It is a mistake to believe the deception that love is a feeling. Love is NOT a feeling. It’s a commitment. It’s doing what you should do when you don’t feel like it. That’s true love. In our culture and … Continue reading

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All I Thought I Needed…

When I was living in poverty and abuse, I thought that all I needed to survive was to emancipate and be on my own. Wrong. After I got a job, saved my money, bought a car and rented an apartment, … Continue reading

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My Dream Came Crashing Down

I started my business back in 1989 after selling everything I had, including my furniture, to start the only insurance brokerage founded solely to protect people and organizations that care for abused kids. Within the first two years, I had … Continue reading

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It Can Be Turned Around

We have a tendency to believe that people raised in poverty will grow up to live in poverty. The abused will grow up to abuse. Negative people will raise children who grow up to be negative. We believe these cycles … Continue reading

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