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Two ways you can approach the conundrum of trying to grow kids into decent human beings are (1) to try to install good character in them; and (2) try to teach them the rewards of good choices and the consequences of poor choices. [If you have other ideas, please share them with us!] Continue reading

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Your unique brand of kindness may not even be obvious to you. We tend to dismiss the things that come easily to us. We don’t give ourselves credit for many of the good things we do because there is no fanfare, no news crews covering the events, and often, no gratitude from the recipient of the kindness. Think about every time you’ve helped … Continue reading

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Sometimes Kindness is Disguised

I’ll never forget the day my friend called to say that she had been accused of abusing one of her foster children. She was crying so hard I could hardly understand what she was saying. She finally calmed down enough to tell me that the little five year old had bolted out the front door and had headed straight into the busy street in front of their house. 

She had to put the baby down in a safe spot before she could run… Continue reading

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Letter to me ten years from now

You always have two choices–you either choose in favor of fulfilling the purpose for which you were born, or you choose to squander the precious time you have left in this life. Any choice that doesn’t move you toward fulfillment of your unique purpose is a waste of the priceless time you’ve been granted. Continue reading

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