Keys To Happiness #5—Value The Struggle

Do you want to be happy? Then value the struggle. And what I mean by valuing the struggle is that to be truly happy, you have to appreciate the hard times for the challenges and opportunities they represent.

We don’t learn in the fun and easy times. We learn the big lessons of life in the struggles. We learn how to handle adversity, which prepares us for future challenges. We learn perseverance, which is necessary for real success. Authentic success doesn’t just land in our laps one day. Authentic success happens AFTER we refuse to give up, AFTER we press through difficulties, and AFTER we decide not to be offended by every petty thing (the petty things are those things that often distract us from what we know we need to do in order to succeed. Don’t allow distractions on your way to fulfillment of your purpose—a.k.a. your real success).

Ask any truly successful person, and he or she will tell you that the challenges they faced were actually opportunities in disguise. For me, having my pay cut by 40% in one day was a terrifying challenge because I was a single mom with no family, no money, and no safety net. But if that hadn’t happened, my ingrained loyalty probably would have kept me from leaving that job to start my own business.  The business that was born out of that struggle was the only insurance organization in the United States that was dedicated solely to protecting the good people and organizations that protect kids who have been abused. Through that business we helped put millions of dollars that were previously spent on insurance, back into the budgets of the child welfare organizations we protected.

That one challenge (and there were many), became a turning point in my life, which put me on the path toward fulfillment of the purpose for my life. After I understood that the struggle had become extremely valuable, I was actually grateful for having experienced it (…yes after—a good while after).

What are your struggles? What have you learned through those adversities? The lessons you mine from the adversities you face are precisely the assets you need to find and fulfill your real success.

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rhonda-sciortino About the author:  Rhonda Sciortino, author of Successful Survivors , used the coping skills from an abusive childhood to achieve real success which she measures by good relationships, good health, peace, joy, and financial prosperity. Through her writing, speaking, and media appearances, she shares how others can use the obstacles in their lives as stepping stones to their real success. Rhonda can be reached at [email protected]

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