When my publisher asked me to write a “gift-type” book about kindness, I rolled my eyes. I love to think about, write about, and talk about the meaning of life. Why we’re here. What we’re supposed to accomplish. How to overcome the challenges we face. I’m not good at what I call, “superficial foo-foo.” Nevertheless, they’ve been good to me, so I agreed.

The first draft manuscript I submitted was an in-depth look at being kind to people cannot or will not reciprocate. It’s easy to be kind to the waitress you’ll never see again, but it requires a herculean effort to be kind to a grouchy pessimist who is a permanent member of your household!  I didn’t know how to be kind to the most challenging people in the world, so I went to the experts—ministers, social workers, and foster parents. These heroes gave me some excellent advice, which I wove into the story of my manuscript. Unfortunately, my manuscript was almost immediately returned with a request that I “lighten it up.” It was too deep. The publisher wanted a light-hearted book with easy-peasy tips on how to be kind in the various settings we find ourselves. Ugh—superficial foo-foo. It was too late to back-out because Random House had already set up a Pre-Order page for the book on Amazon! I went back to the keyboard.

What I came up with is the book that will be released on November 28th—ACTS OF KINDNESS, 101 Ways To Make The World A Better Place. The other manuscript will be released next spring as a follow-up for those who want to go deeper… those who want to be Ambassadors of Kindness.

Give Kindness, And It Comes Back To You

The title says, “101 ways,” so after I had written every kind act I had ever done or seen, I still had about 83 left to write. I am an off-the-chart introvert without a scintilla of ability in the area of hospitality, so I knew I had to get help. So I went to the experts—restaurant wait staff, event/wedding planners, and hotel workers. I had heard years before that if you want to hire someone for customer service, you have to find someone who has worked successfully as a server in a restaurant. And we’ve all heard of the wedding planners who bend over backwards to make “bridezilla” happy. These amazing people taught me so much about acts of kindness.

As I powered through the completion of this book that is the smallest, yet most challenging, manuscript I’ve ever written, I realized that I was incorporating these tips for kindness into my own life.  I don’t think I had been an unkind person, but it many cases I had been so focused on my objectives, that I had passed right through without even acknowledging that I’d just interacted with another soul.  As I began to incorporate the new tips I’d learned, I learned a secret that many people already know—I felt better.

I learned that when you live a life of intentional kindness, you improve the lives of two people—not just the recipient of your kindness, but your own as well. Additionally, you model kindness for everyone within your influence. Plus, the recipients of your kindness are now better able to pass kindness forward to the people with whom they interact. In this way, one person can launch a chain-effect of kindness that may never end. At no cost whatsoever, and for very little additional time, if any, I now look into the eyes of the bank teller and the grocery clerk and the waitress, call them by name, and authentically care about their answers to the question, “is it a good day?”

I’m grateful to my publisher for choosing me for this project. My life has been enriched by what I’ve learned, and I hope the same will happen for you! Will YOU help me launch a “Kindness Revolution?” Of course you can do it without the little book, Acts Of Kindness, but if you want to launch a KINDNESS REVOLUTION in your family, your workplace, and your community, the easiest place to start is by giving them all copies of the book.

You can get these books for less than half the price listed on Amazon! And all proceeds go to the Successful Survivors Foundation. For just $5 each for a case of 24 books (+$7.5 for shipping), YOU can launch a Kindness Revolution in your family, your church, your school, your workplace, and your neighborhood! You can make a game out of it, seeing who can be kinder, who can come up with the most interesting way to be kind, and so on. Have fun with it!

Will you join me? If so, click this link: paypal.me/successfulsurvivors/127.50. If your order is received by November 25th, you’ll have your books the first week in December—just in time for gift giving. This offer is limited to pre-release stock, so don’t hesitate.

What could be better than giving kindness?!

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