Letter to me ten years from now

January 1, 2018

A reminder at the Vatican that the sand in the hourglass of our lives is running out.

Me ten years from now

Dear Rhonda,

You always have two choices–you either choose in favor of fulfilling the purpose for which you were born, or you choose to squander the precious time you have left in this life. Any choice that doesn’t move you toward fulfillment of your unique purpose is a waste of the priceless time you’ve been granted.

Every one of us has a purpose unlike any other. If any one of us fails to find and fulfill his or her purpose, the world is not quite right. When we focus on fully self actualizing, to the exclusion of all else, everything falls into place.

It it not selfish and self-centered to focus solely on the work of finding and fulfilling the good plan for your life. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The good plan for your life always involves helping others in a way that you are uniquely qualified to do.

There are myriad good things that you can do, but there is one thing for which you were uniquely and perfectly designed to accomplish. Once you find that one thing, do it to the exclusion of all else. There are those who will criticize you. Some may leave you. But in the end, the main thing that will count when you stand before The Creator on judgement day will be to what extent you did what you were sent here to do.

Rhonda, you know that your purpose is to help others find and fulfill the good plans for their lives.  The sand in the hourglass of your life is running out quickly. Don’t waste a single moment doing anything that doesn’t move you toward what you know you are here to do.

Lastly, remember that fulfilling your purpose isn’t always “work.” Simply making right choices and treating others well serves as a shining example of kindness, mercy, patience, and all the other aspects of fulfilling the good plans for our lives.

May God bless and protect you and everyone within your influence with everything necessary to fulfill His good plans for your lives.


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