Everyone has their own unique way of showing kindness. Some are the obvious things we think of when we think of acts of kindness, like opening the door for someone, letting someone go ahead of you in line, and saying please and thank you. Some acts of kindness are more subtle, like taking a chance on someone by giving that person a job for which he or she isn’t qualified.  Some acts of kindness even rise to the profound, like becoming a foster parent to a child who’s been mistreated, starting a non profit organization to help others, or working in a very difficult line of work because what you’re able to do helps people who are unable to do it themselves.

Your unique brand of kindness may not even be obvious to you. We tend to dismiss the things that come easily to us. We don’t give ourselves credit for many of the good things we do because there is no fanfare, no news crews covering the events, and often, no gratitude from the recipient of the kindness. Think about every time you’ve helped someone, especially those times when you didn’t feel like it. Consider the times you’ve gone to work or a committee meeting or to visit a friend when you didn’t feel like it. Every time you follow through when you don’t feel like it, it’s an act of kindness. You’ve put others before yourself.

You have probably given many acts of kindness that you never gave yourself credit for. Connect with me at www.facebook.com/rhondasciortino and share some of your acts of kindness. You’ll inspire others and be setting an excellent example for others. I’m eager to hear about your ACTS OF KINDNESS.

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