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You Will Be Happy When You Find YOUR REAL SUCCESS

What participants say about YOUR REAL SUCCESS:

“There are a lot of women who want to take their message to the next level, but only a few will do what’s necessary to make it happen. The Your Real Success program is a time and resource investment that reaps rewards in areas of personal growth, relational growth, and career growth. If you are serious about becoming everything you were created to be and doing what you were perfectly matched to do, then Rhonda Sciortino is the person to give you the tools to take your message to the next level.” — Leigh Esau, Founder and CEO Foster CARE Closet

I absolutely recommend this program to everyone! This program isn’t just for people who want to write a book or tell their story, it’s for anyone who is interested in learning how to put their best foot forward! I am a Realtor and have such a passion for what I do, but didn’t realize why! My goal is to find everyone their “safe place” and I wouldn’t have realized that unless I went through this program with Rhonda. She has created such incredible success by mining her own lessons and has been given this gift to share! You are a walking “Brand”! When I realized that, it really made me think! Sign up for this event and you most definitely won’t regret it!! Thank you Rhonda, my mentor, my friend!  –Diana Bowen-Moshier, Realtor 

I have so much I want to say about this experience!!! We were a small but mighty group of women. I am so blessed because of this circle of visionaries and leaders. I grew in knowledge, self-awareness, purpose and confidence. This retreat/conference truly impacted my message, brand and book. I experienced tremendous growth and improved self-confidence. I went through a career shift this year and Rhonda Sciortino’s coaching and curriculum provided much needed direction and support in articulating my own vision and purpose. The time was spent in meaningful dialogue and I appreciated the diversity and life experiences of the other other women in the group. Rhonda ceated a safe space where we could be open and authentic with one another (I have stayed connected with everyone!) This weekend helped me create a detailed plan to write my book. Rhonda’s feedback was refreshing and motivating. I learned specific strategies to propel my life’s goals forward. To learn more about my story, please visit Thank you Rhonda, for a life-changing experience and for modeling grace, empowerment and leadership! –Kimberly C. Ryan, Educator and soul-inspired storyteller

I attended Your Message, Your Brand , Your Book in June 2017, and it was life-changing. I was going through a difficult transition and Rhonda Sciortino helped bring clarity to my message. She created a place where a diverse group of women connected and learned from each other. I appreciated the practical tips on preventing costly mistakes, as well as, the color analysis used for developing your personal brand. Thanks to Rhonda Sciortino I am close to achieving a life-long dream of becoming an author, and I will forever be grateful for this experience. –Dr. Crystal Van Kempen-McClanahan

In Lily Tomlin’s one woman show, “The Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe,” one of the 17 characters she portrays defeatedly says, ” All my life I wanted to be somebody special…I guess I should have been more specific.” * We all heard that line, thought it to be profound and nodded in the dark theater, not having the slightest idea how false a statement it was. * Well now there is no excuse for not being, ” more specific.” It’s called the WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT’S YOUR MESSAGE workshop, and if the results that came out of the prior sessions are any indication, the October 27th, 2017 will only surpass them. * Knowing who you are and what message has been entrusted to you specifically, AND WHAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO DO WITH IT, can only enhance any life choice you chose to embrace. * Conducted in a safe, nurturing atmosphere of friendship love and just plain fun, you’ll be asking if there is a follow up course. Everyone does. * Forever changed —Pamla Manazer



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